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Geoffrey has admitted that he has had a life-long interest in transport, in particular trams, a hobby, which sometimes interfered with his school studies, and, after leaving school in 1942, he started work at the LNER Gorton works, progressing upwards and sideways to become Transport Manager for Halifax, as well as Great Yarmouth, Leicester, and other transport authorities, and, to a certain extent, culminating with several years being spent in Whitehall working with the Ministry of Tranport under Nicholas Ridley, during which time he was responsible for the concept of improving disabled access and transportation of wheelchairs on "low-level" buses.

It was wartime, and, in the evenings, the bus fleet was strategically scattered to reduce the afte- effects of possible bombing.

After privatisation, he had a personal involvement in one or two enterprises.

Finally he was persuaded back to Leicester Buses after the newly-privatised municipal bus company got into financial difficulty.

He was an engineering apprentice at Gorton Works, LNER, travelling from Oldham on the OAGB via Guide Bridge.

This explains his pen name Gortonian, under which he contributed many articles to the enthusiast press during his time in bus management.

One of my colleagues and Old Boy of the School, Ian Holt, was also a close mutual friend, who has kindly given me permission to use the appreciation, reproduced below, that he has written for STORM and other organisations.

Nigel Kirby updated 8 July 2014 By upbringing he was an Oldhamer more precisely, a lad from Saddleworth, where he will be laid to rest.

He did, however, stir matters with British Leyland sufficiently for Dennis of Guildford to embark on making buses again commercially, and we all know the long term consequences that move has had.