Start Adult chat room hehe

Adult chat room hehe

Given that, things don't match up between the two from time-to-time, so you'll see a lot of vids where the box shows things in stills that are not to be found in the final video product.

That is for you to discover:) Everything you do with me is a dream come true.

Some chat rooms / forums are moderated and this means that an adult is watching what is being said to make sure no one is being nasty.

I can’t always keep up with responding so thank you for understanding.

How about being patient and waiting until we see Hannah actually take a dick in the ass once on screen to gage her ability to do it and appear to enjoy it before asking to the extreme stuff.

Hannah's model card specifically says that she's available for GANGBANGS, plus Interracial, Cumswapping, and a bunch of other things. It would be great to see the guys at Dogfart give Hannah a 6 on 1 all-black gangbang and show the little girl from Georgia what it's like to be ghettoized.

I hope everyone comes see me in Vegas for the AVN I will be signing at the ATMLA booth..

You can see her defensive hand in front of her pussy to try and stop them bruising her cervix. I'm just not sure she's the brightest star in the firmament and she needs a real mentor. The guys at Dogfart need to sign her up for the full monty!