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Adult dating website reviews

You may disagree with us being so upfront about our lives, but then again, you'll be thanking us when you join one of these top-notch sites for meeting like-minded adults and you start to ramp up your sex life.

Before sharing the top sites with you, there is something that I need to make loud and clear.

Unlike most of the dating reviews that you read on the Internet today, I stand by mine.

You can click the "read review" button on each one to be taken to a FULL review page where you'll see all five of our reviews broken down into exactly what went down, how it happened, as well as give you a look at some personalized advice each of us took away from the experience.

I'm not the best looking guy in the world and they all work for me to this day. Last but not least, if any of the sites mentioned below have upgraded features, I highly suggest taking advantage of them.

We'd rather know that the people I'm contacting are serious about having sex.

You need to know how to send messages, especially if you are the "sexting" type with serious game to spit.

If it's affordable, easy, and saves time from frolicking around town in bars and stuff like that, it's a huge value.