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Belgium dating culture

Usually the couple and their guests go directly from city hall to the church, but sometimes the second wedding takes place on a different day.

Heavily influenced by the French wine culture, Belgian brewers are on a constant search for the best flavors and scents resulting in an abundant and creative use of grains, hops, herbs, spices and fruits.

From warming dark beers with a strong, malty taste to sweet golden blondes that leave a bitter after-taste.

Belgium is great for foodies and its diverse kitchen is largely inspired by its many beers.

The room where we got married has a huge marble fireplace, dark wood paneling and brass chandeliers.

We convinced my relatives to come to city hall, assuring them that it would be worth their while.

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Belgian beer is not only –like wine- a great ingredient to cook with but is also the perfect partner for surprising food pairings. It is therefore no surprise that their 1500 beers even have their own personalized beer glasses to enhance the beers’ distinctive flavor and taste.