Start Dating a senegalese man

Dating a senegalese man

Not to mention disease, the jealousy of other wives particularly in regard to the children... I was his #2 wife as well; his first wife and 3 children were in Africa.

I have heard NO success stories regarding polygamy and most women are against it, its for the mans pleasure.

I would be in another polygamy marriage; for someone like me that is in their early 40's, have a career, going to school, have no desire to have children(well maybe one) and would rather be alone most the time its ideal for me.

I've been to NY several times to see him since we met and he'll be coming here next month.

He lives in New York (where we met)I live in South Carolina.

Although they may not express this concern because their religion sanctions this behavior from the men.

This fear must be a result of the residue of women's rights.

It disappoints me how ignorant and unaccepting people are these days. But the children in this culture are loved by large families...