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It transforms IDLE into a more useful tool for academic research and development as well as exploratory programming.

Free Py Charm professional licenses for open-source projects.

Free open-source extension for Visual Studio Code (now maintained by Microsoft).

You can try to catch some of the wiki admins on IRC and expedite the account creation.

Commercial Eclipse-based IDE which provides a standalone bundling Py Dev, Workspace Mechanic, Eclipse Color Theme, Start Explorer and Any Edit, along with lightweigth support for other languages, and other usability enhancements (such as multi-caret-edition).

Also, it's recommended to test the various mount options such as different compression options.

As with all software, newly added features may need a few releases to stabilize.

If you find any behavior you suspect to be caused by a bug, performance issues, or have any questions about using Btrfs, please email the Btrfs mailing list (no subscription required). Linux has a wealth of filesystems from which to choose, but we are facing a number of challenges with scaling to the large storage subsystems that are becoming common in today's data centers.

Filesystems need to scale in their ability to address and manage large storage, and also in their ability to detect, repair and tolerate errors in the data stored on disk. Please create an account and wait for approval (this is a necessary spam protection).

Provides stepping both in statements and expressions, no-hassle variables view, separate mode for explaining references etc.

Python/Jython support in Net Beans -- Open source, allows Python and Jython Editing, code-completion, debugger, refactoring, templates, syntax analysis, etc.; see also

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