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From the Annunciation, Nativity, Presentation, to the Wedding at Canna and finally with Our Lord’s Passion and death, Mary died to her desires and trusted in God’s plan.

I often think my life is filled with stress and chaos, until I look at the life of Mary and reflect on all the stress and chaos of her life even though she was the mother of God.

Ultimately, the entirety of Mary’s discipleship of her Son was through her model of surrender.

In September of 1996, both Zamora and Graham were arrested for the murder. Diane Michelle Zamora (born January 21, 1978), is a former United States Naval Academy midshipman who is serving a life sentence for her role in the December 4, 1995 murder of Adrianne Jones, a girl Zamora believed was a romantic rival for her boyfriend, David Graham.

Given separate trials, the young lovers turned on each other and said that the killing had been the other's idea. Relationship with Graham Friends and family of the couple said that Graham and Zamora were enthralled with each other; their relationship seemed intense.

Some friends and relatives, however, thought that Graham and Zamora had an unhealthy obsession with one another.

According to reports, Zamora supporters claim that Graham dominated the relationship, always having his arm around Zamora and even allegedly refusing to let her family members hug her during her high school graduation.

According to David Graham, on November 4, 1995, he had sex with Mansfield High School track teammate Adrianne Jones.

The two had their encounter after Graham parked his car behind an elementary school while driving Jones home from a track meet in Lubbock.

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In John’s Gospel we read about the disciples taking in Mary.