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Companies are thirsty to cash in on the trend, which leads to rushed, ill-advised knock-offs such as the Sweet Release, Hiky, and Beso — toys that — as well as a general lack of quality control.

Then there’s “Your genitals deserve better: the case against toxic sex toys,” my magnum opus on the dangers of the unregulated sex toy industry.

It’s a post I’ve wanted to write for , and this year I was finally up to the task.

But it has, undoubtedly, been one of the overarching themes in the sex toy world this year.

It’s been a year of suction toy after suction toy entering the market, from the neverending parade of Satisfyers to the Shegasm Pro and most recently, the swanky LELO Sona.

For the third year in a row, I convened with my sex blogger friends at the Woodhull conference, where I giggled into the night, learned new fingering techniques, and got real mad about the misleading session on toxic toys.

When I wasn’t furiously masturbating and photoshopping lint off dildos, I was teaching another round of budding sex bloggers in my online class and turning my site into cat central for April Fool’s Day.

I believe that all of us in the adult industry have the responsibility to lead by example.

We’re dealing in a delicate subject, one that often makes folks uncomfortable.

I’ve been obsessed with menstrual cups ever since I tried my first one in 2015, so seeing a sex toy company branch out into this realm was so cool.

AND they made a concerted effort to use gender-neutral language in the manual and marketing!

This is a controversial trend to ridicule, I realize.