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[] In 2001, we opened a solar plant in Cagayan de Oro.

A 10-wheeler used to pay P32,000 from Dapitan to Batangas. Fresh fish that cost P20,000 a ton to move, now travels at P14,000.

[] Construction is crisscrossing Mindanao: Dapitan-Dakak to bring Cely Carreon’s paradise closer to civilization; Sibuco-Siraway-Siocon-Baliguian; Dinagat Island Network, a baptismal gift for Glenda Ecleo’s new province; [] We want better airports, new bridges, and ample energy for Mindanao’s rising economy.

We will have achieved the hallmarks of a modern society, where institutions are strong.

By 2010, the Philippines should be well on its way to achieving that vision.

The next three years will see record levels of well thought out and generous funding for the following priorities: First, investments in physical, intellectual, legal, and security infrastructure to increase business confidence. We pay tribute to the fearless 14 who were savagely massacred at Tipo-Tipo trying to pursue a peaceful and progressive Philippines. [] We have created a Philippine model for reconciliation built on interfaith dialogue, expanded public works, and more responsive social services.

These investments show both sides in the Mindanao conflict that they have more at stake in common; and a greater reason to be together than hang apart, including being together isolating the terrorists.

With the tax reforms of the last Congress, and I thank the last Congress, we have turned around our macroeconomic condition through fiscal discipline, toward a balanced budget.

Binabayaran ang utang, pababa ang interes, at paakyat ang pondo para sa progreso ng sambayanang Pilipino!!! [] We have been investing hundreds of billions in human and physical infrastructure. Second, investments in a stronger and wider social safety net—murang gamot, abot-kayang pabahay, eskwelang primera klase, mga gurong magaling at mas malaki ang kita, mga librong de-kalidad, more scholarships for gifted students, and language instruction to maintain our lead in English proficiency. Third, investments in bringing peace to Mindanao; in crushing terrorism wherever it threatens regardless of ideology; and in putting a stop to human rights abuses whatever the excuse. We will not be swayed from the course we have set in this conflict for peace with justice throughout our land.

Jatropha is a 100 percent substitute for diesel, with only 5 percent of its emission. This act was first filed by Johnny Enrile in 1996, three years after the first World Trade Center bombing, four years before the Rizal Day bombing, and five years before 9/11.

But Mindanao’s energy challenge lies not in generating power but in power lines. He ably crafted the final Senate version with Senate President Manny Villar and Nene Pimentel.

In Mindanao, our food basket, I said we would prioritize agribusiness investments.