Start Updating to 10 5 2

Updating to 10 5 2

mac OS High Sierra was made available to download on 25 September.

It brings new core technologies, including an entirely new file system, virtual reality related features, and refinements to apps such as Photos and Mail.

Directory Utility and Screen Sharing Server had some work done to it to fix what was left of the root vulnerability.

The Kernel received the most attention with 8 issues addressed that could lead to an application reading restricted memory contents and execute arbitrary code with kernel privileges." All in all November was rather a bad month for Apple security-wise, with the root access bug gaining a lot of media attention (more here, plus you can read about how to fix the Mac OS Root Bug here).

Apple also confirmed that this version of mac OS also includes a fix for the Chai OS text crash bug.

Find out more about the malicious link that is capable of crashing i OS and mac OS if you click on it from the Messages app here.

According to Intego: "Apache, Directory Utility, Intel Graphics Driver and Kernel all received some attention.

Mail received a fix for an issue that could cause S/MIME encrypted emails to be sent out unencrypted.

Apple confirmed that Meltdown had already been addressed in mac OS 10.13.2 and this is discussed in the next section.